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Standard Lucky Grower’s projects of modern mushroom farms are a proposition suitable for every investor.

An inexperienced investor will benefit from the knowledge that Lucky Grower’s experts have been gaining for more than 14 years. What is even more important, a client will be provided in a simple and quick manner and at an attractive price with engineering knowledge which allows full flexibility of implementation of the new investment or expansion of an existing farm.

On the other hand, an investor with broad experience will be able to compare their previously gained knowledge with the latest trends and solutions offered by Lucky Grower.

Since the design works’range has been divided into 5 sections, the investor will be able to see the quality of the transferred knowledge without unnecessary risk and thus make a conscious decision about further cooperation with Lucky Grower.

Mushroom farm is a classic example of a building, which is only a casing for technology and industry equipment, which is why we offer solutions and dimensions of each room and the whole building as a system, proven on many mushroom farms. The customers will be able to introduce some adjustments themselves or with help of their local engineers, but our goal is to complete the documentation in the shortest time possible and at the lowest price. The final functional arrangement of offices and social facilities is often a result of an individual customer’s preferences and has no impact on the effects of mushroom growing, it is only determined by the Investor’s budget and the vision of how the farm should look like at the final stage.

The investor can adjust the rooms’dimensions and their mutual location as long as their general functionality remains unalterable. Their location wholly depends on the investor’s experience and final decision.

Lucky Grower’s project most essential benefits for the investor:

  • • short lead time
  • • reliance on the offered solutions have been proven in hundreds of mushroom farms in Poland, what is equivalent to the success in the industry on a European or even the world scale,
  • • a big saving of time and money, resulting from low documentation prices and the lack of necessity of visiting multiple facilities in order to form one’s own opinion about the best solutions for the planned investment.

Office hours:

08:30 – 17:30 from monday to friday

Clients from other continents, including USA, Canada, Australia – hours determined individaully



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