Lucky Grower, thanks to many years of experience, offers assistance in mushroom farm construction, offering concepts and projects based on proven solutions, system tunnels for self-assembly and several great products that have proved themselves in hundreds of customers all over the world.

Standard Lucky Grower’s projects of modern mushroom farms are a proposition suitable for every investor.

An inexperienced investor will benefit from the knowledge that Lucky Grower’s experts have been gaining for more than 14 years.

Facilities of this kind are distinguished by light steel construction made of hot galvanized steel pipes with girders that occur in arched position.

An external, sliding gate for growing rooms is one of the most important elements of a well-designed mushroom farm.

Opening mechanism designed to facilitate easy opening/closing of external gates.

Drzwi przesuwne to najlepszy produkt pod względem funkcjonalności, zapewniający dostęp do komory uprawowej. Prezentowany typ drzwi umożliwia zastosowanie maksymalnego wymiaru światła otworu, przy minimalnym wykorzystaniu przestrzeni korytarza komunikacyjnego.

Sliding doors are the preferred choice of products allowing access into the growing rooms, due to their functionality.

Led lights are designed to illuminate the mushroom growing rooms. Simple and quick-in-action installation, high tightness, easy maintenance, energy saving, stable as well as light in weight, do not require framing.

Lucky LED Lamp premium line

Long lasting, resistant to steaming processes and mechanical damages.

LED Lamps designed for outdoor use.

Solid rubber bumper allows you to protect corners of the walls of the object from mechanical damage caused by equipment used in mushroom farms. High durability and ease of maintenance. Mounted with Screws. Dedicated to the places especially exposed to strong impacts.

Reinforced rubber strip that allows to protect walls of a facility against mechanical damage caused by equipment used in mushroom farms. High durability and ease of maintenance. Mounted with screws. Dedicated to places especially exposed to strong impact.

Rubber profile allows you to keep the tightness between the wall and the floor of an object. A perfect alternative for silicone seals and other mastics. Mounted by pressing-in.

Seal mounted in a profile allows to maintain tightness between the gate or door leaf and the wall. The shape of the seal ensures tightness in both directions protecting against unwanted factors.

Stainless steel channel drainage system.

Stainless steel drainage pits

Stainless steel drainage pits

High density plastic channel drainage system

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