Docking Station For Batteries

Docking station is dedicated to electric lorries’ batteries, complements PREMIUM LINE lorries and enables optimal storage and charging of batteries.

  • Construction made of stainless steel,
  • Docking station is a mobile trolley with 16 places for batteries, what is sufficient for 2 growing rooms of 300 sqm each or 1 growing room of 600 sqm,
  • Built-in rectifiers and ventilation enable dissipation of  heat generated during batteries charging,
  • Power LEDs indicate when the trolley is charged/is charging,
  • Rotary castors of the trolley allow its easy transportation,
  • The casing enables to hide all the cables what prevents the user from catching their foot on the cables or plucking them off,
  • Voltage for each charging battery: 24 V.
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