Mushroom Nets – Growing Nets

Polyethylene mushroom growing nets are used for mechanical filling and emptying of compost onto the growing shelving, designed and manufactured by Lucky Grower.

  • The highest quality product commercially available,
  • Adjusted to width net is designed for a growing shelf width: 1,20 / 1,34 / 1,40 lm,
  • Can be manufactured in any desired widths,
  • Product is made of single synthetic polyethylene yarns, making it easier to prevent water from pooling on the surface of the net,
  • High product durability,
  • Reduced shrinkage,
  • Resistant to high temperatures while steaming/cooking,
  • Manufactured with durable edgings which enable mechanical filling by means of a pulling winch,
  • Additional handgrips enable easy unrolling the net to wash it,
  • Available as a Jumbo Roll,


  • Raw material: 100% polyethylene,
  • Weave, edging: twill, raw,
  • The surface weight: 346 (+/-) 17 [g/sqm],
  • Resistance N/5cm warp yarn: 4400,
  • Resistance N/5cm: weft threads yarn: 1400,
  • Colour: black,
  • This product is certificated with Quality Management System according to PN-EN: ISO 9001:2009,
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