Water Air Washer MWP-4

The Water / Air Washing unit is used to wash mushroom or soft fruit such as strawberries, red currants or blackcurrant, plums, cherries and some soft vegetables such as peeled onions, cucumbers and courgettes.


  • Main bath tank
  • • bottom tank for filtered water,
  • Air compressing unit based at the side and pumping air into the main tank,
  • Pick-up conveyor with a drip belt,
  • Filtering unit based on the sieve at the bottom tank,
  • Fresh water spray lances,
  • Drain valves for main and bottom tanks.

Principle of operation

The fruit is gently dropped into the front of the water tank. Here the compressed air is pumped into the water creating “Jacuzzi Bath Effect” resulting in thorough wash of the raw product. The washed fruit travels along the appropriately formed bottom of the bath tank towards the collecting conveyor drip belt. To improve the consistent motion of the pre-washed fruit a directional water jet is employed. Final part of the wash consists of a rinse jet placed above the conveyor drip belt. To reduce water consumption the unit is equipped with a closed water circuit where dripping water is filtered and returned to the bath chamber. The device has a sensor to protect against dry pump running, thereby preventing the rapid wear and failures of the pump.

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