About Us

Lucky Grower - professional equipment for mushroom growing and top-class mushroom growing machines.

The company was founded as the result of separating the commercial part from the manufacturing business. This has succeeded in extending what we have to offer and reaching out to the clientele around the world. Since 2002, we have been operating as a contractor for mushroom picking machines, but also for drilling rigs, specialized commercial vehicles or complex building structures. We have been subcontracted to several mushroom farm companies in Poland and abroad. We have also provided a full range of equipment to more than 20 countries in Europe and other continents.

Lucky Grower is a professional company that equips mushroom farms around the world, and is known for their knowledge of the industry and understanding of their customer’s needs.

We offer a comprehensive implementation of the entire facility or the implementation of a selected part of the construction of a mushroom farm, to the extent indicated by the Investor.

Thanks to many years of experience that we have gained on the Polish and international market as well as qualified staff, we are able to offer specialist solutions and consultancy related to the development of mushroom farms.

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