The machine is designed to blanch mushrooms in the production process. The machine is characterized by compact design and relatively low water consumption.


The unit is designated for blanching white cup mushrooms using the eccentric screw movement principle.

Mushroom calibrator KDG-800/3

The unit is dedicated to mushroom sorting. It is most successful once applied to “Golden Chanterelle” or “Girolle” wild mushrooms.


The unit is used for slicing white cup mushrooms. The process of slicing is achieved with use of rotating knives.

The machine is used to impregnate the processed mushrooms e.g. champignons with water solution. The process purpose is to increase the product weight.

The Water / Air Washing unit is used to wash mushroom or soft fruit such as strawberries, red currants or blackcurrant, plums, cherries and some soft vegetables such as peeled onions, cucumbers and courgettes.

The washer is designed for washing dirty packaging such as crates, boxes, buckets or baskets which are used in fruit and vegetable processing industry.

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