Vacuum Chamber

The machine is used to impregnate the processed mushrooms e.g. champignons with water solution. The process purpose is to increase the product weight.


The construction facilitates to maintain high production hygiene standard and high ergonomics of work (closed profiles, easy cleaning of the entire construction etc.). All components of device has easy access for precise wash, the surfaces of the elements are smooth, construction profiles are closed and rounded. Most of connections are welded and supportive materials such a oil and greases cannot interact with product.

Principle of operation

The impregnation solution is prepared in the tank that is connected to the impregnation chamber. A product to be impregnated is placed in the perforated pallet boxes provided with covers. Depending on the machine size, 2 pallet boxes can be placed in the machine operating chamber. When the door is tightly closed and the work cycle is started, the pallet boxes are pressed by the pressure grid and then the chamber filling process with the previously prepared solution is started. The impregnation degree depends on the set negative pressure value. When the process is finished, the solution is pumped from the chamber to the tank, where it is automatically replenished. The machine operation is facilitated by the installed maintenance platform.

The machine consists following units and systems:

  • Support frame from welded profiles and curved metal sheets,
  • Tank for saturated solution,
  • Service platform,
  • Control cabinet,
  • Housings and safety shields.
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