White Cup Mushroom Screw Blancher

The unit is designated for blanching white cup mushrooms using the eccentric screw movement principle.


The singular profile of the unit assures hygienic production and ease of access for cleaning purposes. Only quality acid-proof steel AISI 304 or approved plastic elements are allowed to come into contact with the product, thus assuring desired food-handling standards.

Principle of operation

There are two integrated parts: blanching unit and cooling section. The product is fed into the Feed-in chute placed at the entrance to the blanching unit. Here the product drops into the worm wheel. The product is submerged in a high temperature water bath, while traveling trough the entire length of the unit using screw movement of the worm wheel. At the end of the blanching process the product is placed in an angled worm wheel allowing for dissipation of most of the hot water. The product is then dropped into a cooling chamber where it is submerged in cool water while being forwarded using the same principle as in the hot bath section. Finally, the mushrooms are lifted using a feeder conveyor where they undergo further processing. To optimize the blanching and cooling processes the unit is fitted with pumps for water circulation. The parameters such as: Water Temperature, Blanching Time and Cooling Time intervals are automated using a control consol.

The complete unit consists of the following sub-assembly:

  • Working space cavities,
  • Przenośniki ślimakowe części blanszującej i chłodzącej,
  • Worm wheels for blanching and cooling sections,
  • Steam heating system in the blanching unit,
  • Water circulation pumps,
  • Service hatches, drain valves and water chutes,
  • Demountable service access covers,
  • Automated propulsion motors.
  • Fully automated unit with control consol based on separate supporting frame,
  • Housing and safety covers,
  • Optional personel operating platforms.
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