Stand For Scales Charging

  • Construction made of stainless steel and aluminum,
  • Modular system construction enables to expand the stand to additional stations by screwing them to the already existing structure,
  • All scales are in one place and always ready to operate,
  • The stand has rounded edges and charging stations that prevent dangerous wounds and bruises when taking the scales off and placing them back on the stand when work is finished,
  • Very stable construction and high resistance to physical damages as well as mushroom farm’s humid conditions obtained by durable materials,
  • Safe, low-current electric installation does not in the slightest threaten workers’ health,
  • Standard stand is equipped with 10 stations for scales with connection to chargers,
  • The casing enables to hide all the cables which prevents the user from catching their foot on the cables or plucking them off,
  • Direct current battery inside the scale: 4V / 4Ah.
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