LG Electric Lorry With Belt Transmission

  • Safety satisfaction for the pickers, stable construction and liquid movements of the platform make you feel as if you are in an elevator,
  • Capability of fast, effortless transport by a single person to remove from the growing room during the steaming process,
  • Low voltage that is safe for the worker,
  • Patented design of the geared drives provides worry free exploitation- LG offers a 5 year warranty for the gears and belt drives,
  • Unique & stable electrical solution of vertical movement,
  • Simple and liquid movement can be easily incrementally adjusted,
  • Entire lorry made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel,
  • Ergonomically designed control panel,
  • Battery that is easily exchangeable,
  • Well placed side tray is easily adjusted to the reach of any picker,
  • Glides and stabilizing wheels are made of highly durable polyamide, equipped with stainless steel wheel bearings,
  • Control panel  is able to withstand high moisture and is impact resistant,
  • Horizontal movement break that prevents the lorry from any unwanted movement,
  • All electrical and automation components are made  by leading European manufacturers,
  • Lorry is powered by a 24V 250W (full charge lasts for the entire first flush),,
  • Battery charger is included
  • Platform weight rating: up to 120 kg (rating can be increased at an additional cost),
  • Lorry total weight: 75kg, depending on additional options and height of the shelves.
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