White cup mushroom slicer KTP-700

The unit is used for slicing white cup mushrooms. The process of slicing is achieved with use of rotating knives. This unit is also capable to slice fresh, dilled or pickled cucumbers. A similar devise is available for slicing washed white cup mushrooms.


The construction of the unit maintains the product’s hygiene, and work ergonomics. This is thanks to the use of closed profiles and ease of access for washing. All segments in contact with the actual product are made of either acid resistant steel or appropriate plastics certified for food handling and production purposes. (See the technical drawing MEGA number: KDP- )

Principle of operation

The product is fed into the vibrating Feed-in chute, where it is properly oriented. The mushroom is positioned with its cup facing forward and is fed onto the conveyor which is designed to maintain the said orientation. For cucumbers, the direction of the position on the conveyor is irrelevant as long as it is traveling along its axis. In both cases the design of the unit prevents the product to change its direction, therefore increasing the accuracy of the slices and resulting in reduced wastage. The product is then placed in the slicing unit where rotary knives are set to slice it at the desired width. The slicing assembly is built as a dual crankshaft with two rotary knives set at the intervals allowing accurate slice width to be achieved. Should variable slicing width be required, it is advisable to obtain two sets of knife assemblies. It than allows to reset the slicing width in a time not exceeding 10 minutes. Further down, the mushroom slices are passed using a perforated vibrating conveyor.

The white cup mushroom slicing unit consists of the following:

  • Supporting frame on castors,
  • Vibrating feed–in chute,
  • Conveyor belt,
  • Rotary knives slicing assembly,
  • Vibrating feed–out chute,
  • Electrical steering panel.
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