Immersion Belt Blancher

The machine is designed to blanch mushrooms in the production process. The machine is characterized by compact design and relatively low water consumption.


The construction facilitates to maintain high production hygiene standard and high ergonomics of work (closed profiles, easy cleaning of the entire construction etc.). The material used i.e. acid resistant steel AISI 304 or plastic elements are food grade materials.

Principle of operation

Raw material is supplied directly on the machine belt in the infeed part using the conveyor or manually from the boxes – the belt is constructed in such a way to enable two boxes of the product to be accommodated between two cleats forming one operation chamber. Raw material is transported on the belt to the appropriate operation part, where it is immersed under water. The specially installed sheet metal ensures complete immersion of mushrooms under water that is heated by steam through the direct injection. At the end of the machine, the product is lifted above the water surface, passes through the cold water spraying system (initial cooling and rinsing off the process water) and is directed to the discharge. To maintain the optimum and smooth run of the blanching process, the machine is equipped with the water mixing pump. The control system enables the optimum process parameters (water temperature, blanching time etc…) to be selected.

The main subassemblies of the machine are:

  • Supporting structure is made as the rigid frame welded from bent metal plates and profiles,
  • Bath as the machine operation space,
  • Belt conveyor driven by the geared motor,
  • Steam heating system,
  • Water circulating pump,
  • Chemical substance feeder (option),
  • Fresh water spraying system,
  • Maintenance manholes, drain valves and process overflows,
  • Removable maintenance guards and openable covers,
  • Control cabinet,
  • Fixed housings and safety guards.
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