Lucky LED Lamp Premium Line

Lamp LUCKY LED LG 1500 is a custom product designed and dedicated especially for mushroom farms and clients with product longevity in mind.

Due to the harsh working environments the lamp is exposed to during the cultivation cycles (high humidity levels), as well as after the compost removal (during the disinfection processes by steaming the growing rooms- humidity levels @100% and the temperature above 80 deg. C), all elements that are exposed to such extremes need to have specialized solutions and modern components.

Such extreme environments are especially challenging when it comes to lighting components, and therefore we have created a product of the highest quality- economical, safe and long lasting for years to come.

  • LED life – 50,000 hours,
  • Light color 6500K,
  • Total 30W LED power,
  • IP 68 rating sealed construction (resistant to steaming process and ammonia),
  • Heat shrinkable PVC sheathing is standard as required by HACCP regulations,
  • Length 1500 mm.

Accessories and additional options:

  • Stainless steel and EPDM mounting brackets,
  • Protective PVC cover (HACCP requirement),
  • Hermetically sealed plug.
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